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Shining [Drabble] [Teruki/Takuya] [20 June 2007 2:18pm]

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Title: Shining
Author: vintageviynl
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: Teruki/Takuya
POV: Takuya 2nd person. Takuya = "You", Teruki = "He, him" etc, etc
Summary: "This is a dream, you think, forcing your face further into his chest, breathing in his scent, his fucking beautiful scent, I'll wake up and this'll all just be a dream.
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Antikku.
Author Notes: First yaoi fic D: Be nice? The title is random because I had nothing else to call it...


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[03 June 2007 8:43am]


Help breath life into a dying RP.
Few members, many open muses.



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New REALTIME Jrock Yaoi RP Site [04 May 2007 1:59am]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Psychommunity is a new REALTIME Jrock Yaoi RP site...Collapse )
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[10 April 2007 7:25pm]

XD I made a banner for the Community Profile.

o.o At least this one turned out slightly better then the X-Japan banner that I got lazy on.

Banner-nessCollapse )
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new member desuuuu [10 April 2007 5:23pm]

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Hi hi~~~ 
I just found this community and cant resist to post!!!
Upload a new fast draw, they are Hisashi and Jiro from GLAY *____* they are my second fav pairing!! I thought that hisa is the seme in the couple and jiro the sweet ukechan jiji

and well xDDD poor hisa, he can move is the first time that he was the ukeeee >w< ....

*click for more big*

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[30 March 2007 11:42pm]

XD Hey everyone! Well, I was bored and reading some Dir en Grey fanfiction, when I realized their wasn't enough jrock fanfics where the Popluar uke and seme's roles were reversed. XD We all have to admit that our cute little Uke jrockers would make for interesting seme's!

Thus this community was created! XD
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